Advanced Control Technologies


Advanced Control Technologies (ACT) is a leading Indianapolis based designer and manufacturer of commercial LED lighting products, X10 powerline carrier components, air purification devices and HVAC controls and sensors for commercial and industrial buildings. Established in 1987, ACT serves customers worldwide with an emphasis on providing energy saving solutions and a commitment to improving environmental sustainability.

ACT believes customers are best served by firms (like us) who are directly involved with both the design and manufacturing of energy efficient and cost effective products.

At ACT, we have a breadth of expertise in control technologies including, RS485, ModBus, LonWorks, BACnet, X-10, Z-wave, Zigbee and other network protocols. Our team looks forward to applying our electrical and mechanical experience to provide creative solutions that meet your needs.



ACT is proud to announce the release of their iAIRE Negative Ion Generator products.

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